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JATS TECH is encouraged to publish your articles on abstract level on JATS TECH Publication page which is specially designed for Publishers and Authors to publish their articles. On abstract level, Journal metadata, Article metadata, References, (DOIs), PMids and PMCids are covered.

Fast Facts

Ideal starting point for research
Relied on by scholars around the globe
Continuously growing with annual updates


This is the mission of JATS TECH that it spread scientific Journals/Articles through Indexing from all over the world with access to a growing collection of over 18 million citations annually.   

JTI (JATS TECH INDEXING) wants to leading multidisciplinary index to the arts, humanities, life sciences, architectural, and the social sciences with around million of records from old and new journals add yearly.

The scope JATS TECH Indexing, including journals in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Chineese, Koreans and most other Western languages.

However, if researchers need to find articles in periodical back volumes, they have to search through dozens.

JATS TECH Indexing now makes it possible to search back volumes of journals with the same ease and convenience as searching the latest issues.

JATS TECH Indexing enables users to search for articles by words or phrases in the titles, by author, and by journal title. Sophisticated post-search sorting and filtering are new features which support fast, convenient, and reliable results.

JATS TECH allows the direct link of Journal Publisher.

  • Content Type: Index,
  • Abstract: Yes
  • Keywords: Yes
  • DOIs: Yes
  • Direct Article Link: Yes
  • References: Yes
  • PMIDs: Yes
  • PMCIDs: Yes
  • Crossref Links: Yes


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