1. What is JATS TECH?
    JATS TECH means a company which provides complete and authentic JATS xml.

2. Is JATS TECH a profitable company?
    No, JATS TECH is a nonprofit company.

3. In which quantity Authors and Publishers required articles?
    There is no limitation, For Authors and Publishers can convert their articles unlimited according to their requirement.

4. How JATS TECH can produce accurate JATS XML conversion?
    JATS TECH has Information Technology engineer and library science specialist whose are well aware with JATS XML.

5. Is JATS TECH conversion of JATS article according to PubMed central?
    Yes, JATS TECH produces JATS XML according to PubMed central.

6. What is the way of delivery the material?
    The method of delivery the material is FTP (File transfer protocol) and Email.

7. In which form JATS TECH provide tables?
    JATS TECH provide 99% tables in XML form with appendices.

8. In which format JATS TECH provide equations?
    JATS TECH provide equations in accurate MATHML form.

9. Is JATS TECH providing discounts on JATS XML conversions?
    Yes, JATS TECH is providing 20% discounts on JATS XML conversions and for good relationships, JATS TECh also not set a limited time frame.
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