For Publishers and Authors

Instruction For Authors and Publishers

Author and Publisher may submit their material through FTP and via Email. For FTP use, JATS TECH will provide user id and password to you then JATS TECH support team can retrieve provided material.


(Note: after submission material, confirmation email should send to JATS TECH email IDs.)


JATS TECH accepts following material for conversion;

 ● PDFs
 ● Word
 ● Excel
 ● Text
 ● Html
 ● Composed and final PDF or Doc file
 ● Figures must be 500+ dpi
 ● Tables and all data must be selectable


After the completion of conversions, JATS TECH will provide PMC user id and password with Pub Med Central previewed links for viewing.




 1. Fees for conversion, JATS TECH accept in US $.
 2. Conversion of data includes (Metadata, Complete Text, References, Appendices, Supplementary Material, Abbreviations, Equations in .mml, Figures in .tiff, Tables in tag form)
 3. 30% discount in conversion of both JATS XML and Epubs 2.0.1 and 3.0
 4. JATS TECH offers TWENTY sample articles free for new publishers and authors.
 5. Above Five hundred articles, 15% Discount on JATS XML conversions
 6. On Five hundred articles, 11% Discount on JATS xml conversion free.
 7. On One thousand articles, 20% Discount on JATS xml conversion free.
 8. JATS TECH providing complete Crossref services to the publishers.

  CrossRef Services include details are as follows;

 a. DOIs making
  JATS TECH gives service for DOIs making in an XML file formatted according to the Crossref deposit schema.

 b. Citation linking
  In addition to using DOIs to link to references that appear in their content, Crossref members can retrieve the DOIs of other publications that cite their content. This optional service, called cited-by linking (previously forward linking), enables Crossref members to display cited-by links in the primary content that they publish. JATS TECH gives service for citation linking.

 c. Funding Data
  The funding data service collects funding source information for publications deposited with Crossref. JATS TECH give service for funding data metadata.

 d. Text & Data Mining
  The CrossRef Text and Data Mining service addresses the issue of text and data mining scholarly literature by providing a CrossRef Metadata API that can be used by researchers to access the full text of content identified by CrossRef DOIs across publisher sites and regardless of their business model. JATS TECH give TDM metadata services.

 e. Deposing References
  JATS TECH gives service for depositing References or article metadata in an XML file formatted according to the Crossref deposit schema.

  (Note: Publishers must be a member with Crossref. If publishers are interested to become a member, please visit this link

JATS TECH will complete correspond to the Crossref and provide complete services to the member publisher with crossref


Our Core Values:

1. JATS specialist and library science handle the operations.

2. Totally work according to JATS PMC format.

3. 99.99 percent accuracy.

4. Tables, Images and Equations are on standard format.

5. Free Cross Ref services with retrieve Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for journal articles, books, and chapters.

6. Free 20 article samples JATS XML for satisfaction and checking.

7. Lowest service charges with no hidden additional amount.



For queries and general information, please mail us at:

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