Strategic Partnerships

Our relationships with other publishers and editors allow you to select best-of-breed services which are interoperable so you can deliver information to users on your terms.

JATS TECH partners with publishers and other information providers to bring you the strongest and most extensive collection of content possible.


Industry Expertise

Technology Team

JATS TECH has one of the largest technology teams in the industry, dedicated entirely to discoverability of premium content. We invest heavily in technology talent, making it one of the most innovative technology partners in the industry. From our back-end infrastructure and user interfaces to implementations and customer support, every aspect of JATS TECH service is informed by technological expertise.


You can rely on JATS TECH employee's superior industry knowledge to deliver the content and services that will benefit your users.



The speciality of JATS TECH is multiple languages research article JATS Xml production. We feel confident to produce JATS Xml in all languages. JATS TECH specialists are fully be equipped to work in multiple languages.

Currently we have produced thousands of articles in English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, French, Portuguese and Spanish languages successfully.


In the era of modern technology, PDF versions are not suitable for Electronic publication for viewing, accessing and tracing. And many of publications are also publishing in other than English languages. Therefore, there is a gap for end users for viewing full-text articles in other languages. JATS TECH fill this gap and invite you to join us and facilitate from our services.


JATS TECH as a Responsible Role Model

JATS TECH takes complete responsibility for your contents;


On receiving high volume contents.

Provide complete and authentic JATS xml.

Deliver on committed time frame.

Give you complete satisfaction with relax of mind.

Give you a platform, where you find complete solution.

Give you free complete Crossref services with no any charge a single penny.

Give you free indexing services of your abstracts on indexing agencies.


JATS TECH is a platform;

 ● Where each and every single element check for JATS xml tagging format according to JATS DTD 1.0 and 1.1
 ● Where Front matter, Body matter, Tables, Images, Equations, Bibliographic, Text, Lay out etc. checks closely to the provided material and according to JATS DTD 1.0 and 1.1
 ● Where Publishers and authors satisfied for their full text conversions.

JATS TECH, You can trust

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